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Argentina to Increase Clinical Trial Research in Logistics Blog

Argentina's new administration has made it clear that it wants import processes to be easier and less expensive, and there are already a few draft projects in process working toward this end. The future improvements are likely to have a positive impact on the clinical trial business as well, helping to increase efficiency and keep costs under control. In fact, growing the number of clinical trials in the country has become a particular focus for the administration.

Recently, two of Argentina's government departments - the National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices (ANMAT) and the Ministry of Health - announced that they are working together to increase clinical trial activity in the region and country.

Central to this objective is the fundamental role clinical research plays in the development of new drugs for the prevention, treatment and cure of various diseases and illnesses. They believe that by bringing more of these clinical trials to Argentina, they will successfully create an environment that fosters ongoing development of healthcare in the country and also helps grow the economy.

For their part, ANMAT - whose responsibility it is to assure the quality of the products it regulates - will continue to monitor clinical research in Argentina based on the ethical standards set forth in Resolution 1480/2011. Essentially, the resolution provides guidelines that safeguard the wellbeing and rights of the people who participate in any clinical trial held in the country.

One of the ways they will do this is by having research proposals reviewed and authorized by the appropriate regulatory and supervisory agencies for maximum transparency. The Ministry of Health has said it will work with ANMAT to update and improve the evaluation process of research proposals.

The ultimate goal of the new administration is to provide Argentinians better access to safe and effective medicines by increasing clinical trial research without loosening regulations around patient safety. 

View the full text of the ANMAT communication: La ANMAT y la Investigacion Clinica.

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