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Iceland’s Bardarbunga Volcano: Quick’s Contingency Planning for Disruption of Aviation in Logistics Blog

We have been closely monitoring the recent eruptions of the Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano. Although no ash clouds have appeared yet, the threat remains real. We would like to ensure you that QuickSTAT is well prepared for the possibility of air disruptions and has the contingency plans ready to minimize impact on our operations.

In 2010, another Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallaj&oum;kull, erupted which caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe. With a high number of flight cancellations, QuickSTAT immediately implemented contingency plans to minimize impact on our customers. In the middle of the crises, we successfully delivered 22 frozen samples of human tissue, blood, and other biologics from Georgia headed for the U.K. We had to stop the shipments in Turkey, re-ice the frozen ones and re-issue documents to fly it to a lab in the U.S, salvaging millions of dollars worth of clinical research.

Should any disruption of flight occur, we will implement the following measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your products:

  • A Quick Global Recovery Team will consult with clients in order to find best alternative routings for their shipments.
  • Contingency plans will immediately be implemented to ensure that your critical consignment is intercepted and rerouted to ensure the quality and integrity of the consignment is maintained and that any unavoidable delays are minimalized.
  • All consignments will continuously be monitored by QuickSTAT’s dedicated Customer Service professionals, allowing QuickSTAT to react immediately to any potential disruption to aviation systems, which could impact normal transportation routes and methods.
  • QuickSTAT's Customer Service Team will communicate throughout any disruption to ensure that our customers are kept fully aware of the status of their consignments in transit.
  • QuickSTAT has developed a robust European Road Network as a contingency for "No Fly" situations. The network allows QuickSTAT to ship between major European gateways to access unrestricted airports with the option for uplift or direct drives from any point on the network. Where critical deadlines are to be met, Direct Drive and TCV Direct Drive options will be utilized as applicable.

QuickSTAT will take all possible measures to manage your consignments through any disruption event, and will strive to ensure that you receive the best service possible under any change in global circumstances.

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