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While clinical trial logistics is complex for all types of drug therapies, biologics and vaccines have special challenges. A delay or temperature excursion may have a direct impact on patients’ lives and could also be financially devastating to a sponsor and its partners.

With 35 years of Life Science Transportation experience, QuickSTAT understands that even minor fluctuations in temperature can impact the stability of your vaccines and biologics. To protect the integrity of your shipments, QuickSTAT delivers:

  • EXPERT TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED LOGISTICS for all temperature ranges, from cryofrozen to Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)
  • PACKAGING, SOURCING AND CONSULTATION on appropriate active or passive systems, placing and retrieving monitoring devices and replenishing refrigerant as needed throughout transit
  • IN-TRANSIT STORAGE (COLD ROOM) utilizing GDP principles and best practices, as well as access to refrigerated trucks to maintain required temperatures
  • PRE-QUALIFIED ROUTING and real-time GPS tracking to head off potential for delays
  • COMPREHENSIVE REGULATORY SUPPORT, including brokerage services, consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions
  • MARKET-LEADING ONLINE IT PLATFORM that helps you manage transportation costs and monitor packages with real-time information on the status of each shipment

With certified quality control processes and compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP), QuickSTAT is the right partner to help ensure product integrity and patient safety for your vaccines and biologics.

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