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QuickSTAT France Received IATA CEIV Pharma Certification for Pharmaceutical Handling, Transport and Logistics in Blog de logística

QuickSTAT France has received the CEIV Pharma certification by IATA. The certification proves that QuickSTAT's Control Tower in France meets the highest service and quality standards developed by IATA and pharmaceutical Industry for the handling, transportation and logistics of pharmaceutical goods.

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Direct-to-Patient Solutions Assure Patient Participation and Retention in Clinical Trials in Blog de logística

The biopharm industry continues to explore new and better clinical trial processes to encourage patient recruitment and retention, such as the Direct-to-Patient distribution model. Conozca más

World Cord Blood Day 2017 - Global Events and Free Virtual Conference in Blog de logística

As the official sponsor of World Cord Blood Day 2017, we would like to cordially invite you to join us on November 15th to help promote cord blood awareness around the globe. The purpose of World Cord Blood Day is to educate expectant parents and health professionals about the current applications for this non-controversial source of stem cells and to highlight exciting research happening in this field of medicine. 

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How You Can Help the Victims of Tropical Storm Harvey in Blog de logística

Many people are asking how they can provide help to those affected by the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey. As a category 4 Hurricane, Harvey slammed the Gulf Coast of Texas north of Corpus Christi, flattening communities and leaving destruction in its wake on early Saturday. By Sunday morning, more than 24 inches of rain had fallen in Houston, causing catastrophic floods. Conozca más

Planning Your Supply Chain Logistics for Commercialization of Cell, Gene and Immunotherapies in Blog de logística

With the astounding success of some of the new personalized medicine therapies in treating incurable diseases, the emphasis on research and development of cell, gene and immunotherapies is growing momentum. Some of the more promising cures for cancer are now in late-stage development, with two expected to be FDA approved by the end of 2017. Conozca más

New Regulations Affecting Clinical Trials in Peru in Blog de logística

On June 30, 2017, Peru's Ministry of Health (MINSA) issued a new regulation that will reinstate clinical studies for the pediatric population and native communities. Conozca más

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast in Blog de logística

The hurricane season for the Atlantic officially starts June 1, 2017 and continues through the end of November. Occasionally storms can form outside those months as happened last season with January's Hurricane Alex and late May's Tropical Storm Bonnie. Conozca más

Airline Laptop Ban Likely to Expand to Europe in Blog de logística

There is an ongoing uncertainty regarding the expansion of the in-flight electronics (laptops, tablets, etc.) ban to Europe. Currently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security official position is that the expansion is being considered but no decision has been made. Conozca más

Argentina to Shorten the Clinical Trials Approval Timelines in Blog de logística

On April 26th, The Ministry of Health in Argentina (ANMAT) has issued a new regulation that shortens the timelines for the approval of clinical trials from 160 business days to 70 days (60 days for review and 10 days for administration paperwork). Conozca más

Complexity and Time Sensitivity of Transporting Living Organ Donations in Blog de logística

In 2012, a Good Samaritan kidney donation by a California man began a kidney chain, resulting in 30 donors giving their organs to 30 strangers on behalf of their loved ones. Conozca más