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Management Tools Built Specifically
For Your Clinical Supply Logistics Needs


Robust enterprise system
providing global shipment
management and control.



Customer platform for
comprehensive management of
your clinical supply chain logistics.


Support Software

Specialized solutions designed
to ensure temperature control
and supply chain efficiency.

QuickTrac Technology Provides Complete
Control and Visibility into Shipment Status
QuickOnlineRx - the Most Advanced IT
Tools to Manage your Logistics Projects
Support Software - Specialized Solutions
To Manage Your Clinical Supply Chain

Cold Chain Manager

Cold Chain Manager tracks and monitors the actual time your package is valid from pack out time, providing our logistics team with tools to continually monitor
and intervene if shipment integrity may be at risk.



Digital Signage System monitors incoming and outgoing shipments, in real-time, allowing laboratories to process the most critical samples first and plan staffing and scheduling
at each site.


VIP Management & Inventory

End-to-end system for managing the conditioning, transport, tracking, return and inventory of Vacuum Insulated Packaging units. Provides faster turn around time, real-time inventory and efficient use of returns.

QuickOnline Mobile - Get The Information You Need
Wherever You Are, Right From Your Smartphone.


Quick’s technology has been uniquely designed
to manage your clinical supply chain and
provide solutions that ensure complete
shipment control and management.