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With Next Flight Out, our expedited shipping solution, you get both speed and shipment security. Our long-standing partnerships with all major airlines around the world give you access to the most optimal routes.

This not only ensures that your packages get on the next available flight without delay, but that they also receive specialized Cold Chain handling as needed. Specifically, QuickSTAT provides door-to-door service with:

  • SHIPPING TO AND FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with same day delivery domestically and next day delivery to most international destinations
  • EXPERT TEMPERATURE-CONTROL LOGISTICS to maintain the temperature of your cold chain shipments
  • CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH LABS AND HOSPITALS around the world combined with specially trained drivers for fast delivery and after hours access, adhering to specific protocols
  • COMPREHENSIVE REGULATORY SUPPORT, including assistance with import and export regulations and customs compliance
  • ADVANCED MONITORING SYSTEMS that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays enabling QuickSTAT to reroute shipments as necessary

We are always on call, ready to answer your questions and guide you through various logistics challenges. Contact our Experts for a free shipping assessment or regulatory consultation.


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