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Find out how QuickOnlineRx – a unique online interactive tool – can help you manage your clinical trials logistics. Sign up today!

Are you struggling with complicated and costly clinical logistics processes, lengthy processing times or high communications costs?

QuickSTAT, an expert in clinical trial logistics, has developed state-of-the-art web-based technology uniquely designed to support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in managing clinical trial logistics.

With QuickOnlineRx, you can streamline your clinical logistics and save time. You can easily access your clinical logistics/site information in one database. The system automatically prepares export documentation for improved quality and consistency across investigator sites worldwide and receiving labs are alerted to exactly what’s arriving and when so the proper staff is always on hand.  

QuickOnlineRx allows you to:

  • schedule pick-ups and deliveries, select preferred routes or carriers, generate export documentation and monitor the progress of each shipment in real-time;
  • standardize your shipping processes by setting rules and protocols and maintain
    one database for all related information including site contacts and addresses, laboratories, sample types, sample quantities to be shipped and more;
  • monitor placement and inventory of IATA packaging systems used for your trials;
  • access QuickSTAT’s worldwide communications and information center for regulatory, customs, weather and flight information.

With complete access to Quick's database, you can also generate activity history and detailed accounting reports to help you manage your shipping budget more successfully. Plus, you can monitor our performance with accurate on-time shipping reports.

If you would like more information about Quick OnlineRX you can download the following PDF: QuickSTAT Quick OnlineRX Brochure

Sign up for QuickOnline today for up-to-the-minute information and total control over your critical shipments!