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Transporting patient samples from global clinical sites to central testing and specialty labs has many challenges. Often classified as UN3373 Category B, biological samples require the appropriate labels and packaging as well as customs regulations expertise. In addition, patient samples that need to be tested for biomarkers are both time and temperature-sensitive. That’s why our logistics specialists work closely with you to schedule the timely pick up of your samples for fast delivery. Plus, the temperature of your shipments is monitored and maintained throughout transit to ensure the integrity of samples is never compromised. Specifically, QuickSTAT gives you:

  • Comprehensive regulatory support, including brokerage services, consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions
  • Temperature monitoring, download and transmission of data from temperature loggers, and replenishment of refrigerant as needed throughout transit
  • Provision of UN3373 packaging and labels as well as temperature-controlled packaging required for your critical shipments
  • Expert temperature-controlled Logistics solutions and guidance in selecting and sourcing the most appropriate active or passive packaging systems for maintaining optimal temperatures
  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline, that provides you with real-time shipment monitoring and status alerts, as well as tools to help manage transportation costs, and much more
  • Real-time GPS tracking and door-to-door optimal route planning to meet your deadlines
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