60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All Linked - Quick Provides Transportation Logistics for The Largest Kidney Swap in the World

21 Mar, 2012 by  David Murphy

National Kidney Registry (NKR) and Quick International Courier orchestrated the world's largest kidney swap from living donors all across the U.S. What made the domino chain of 60 operations possible was the willingness of a Good Samaritan, Mr. Ruzzamenti, to give the initial kidney, expecting nothing in return. What followed was a progression of kidney retrievals and transplants, as 30 donors gave their organs to 30 strangers on behalf of their loved ones. 

Chain 124, as it was labeled by the nonprofit National Kidney Registry, required lockstep coordination over four months among 17 hospitals in 11 states. It was born of innovations in computer matching, surgical technique and organ shipping. 

Transportation of organs for transplant is the most demanding in the logistics services offered by Quick. The speed and safety of the shipments and the pressure of knowing that a human life is at stake requires intensive planning, back-up procedures, coordination of efforts, and often sacrifice from our logistics teams. Precise planning and execution are absolutely necessary to make an operation of this scale work.

FROM START TO FINISH A donation by a Good Samaritan, Rick Ruzzamenti, upper left, set in motion a 60-person chain of transplants that ended with a kidney for Donald C. Terry Jr., bottom right.



THE CHAIN  Interactive map of the kidney exchange



DELIVERING THE LAST LINK OF THE CHAIN A Quick employee, Cynthia Goff, personally hand-carried the final link of the chain, directly from the operating room of Ronald Reagan U.C.L.A. Medical Center in Los Angeles to Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago.



AT THE AIRPORT Cynthia watches over the kidney donated by Sherry Gluchowski in Los Angeles, waiting to board the aircraft to Chicago.

Quick International provided the cold chain logistics planning and transportation of all of the donor kidneys throughout the U.S. for this record breaking transplant chain. Our team worked day and night to ensure that each life-saving shipment was handled with the utmost speed, security and precision. 

We are all proud to work with NKR and be a part of this amazing and inspirational event! 

Read the entire story in the New York Times

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