C02 Supply Crisis Hits Europe -- Limiting Availability of Dry Ice

21 Jun, 2018 by  James Smith

A raw gas sourcing issue in Northern and Continental Europe is affecting the availability of dry ice, commonly used to maintain the temperature of life science specimens and products. All major suppliers of liquid CO2 have been impacted by the raw gas sourcing issues, which is expected to last throughout June.

In what has been described as the “worst supply situation to hit the European carbon dioxide (CO2 ) business in decades”, many consumers of CO2 - especially the carbonated drinks producers - are desperate for supplies of the product, according to GasWorld.com

The supply position tightened in April, driven by the “usual” turnaround of maintenance procedures in ammonia plants, and the position started to become critical when other plants associated with bio-ethanol and chemical production were also shut down for maintenance or for technical issues.

In order to provide dry ice for life science shipments during this shortage, Quick is working with our global network to procure CO2 and other cold chain materials required to meet our client's needs. There has been no negative impact to our supply chain networks.

If you have any questions about your shipments, please contact your local QuickSTAT or Quick Healthcare Customer Service Department.

To read more about the shortage, go to: https://www.gasworld.com/co2-supply-crisis-hits-europe/2014944.article

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