Critical O2 Oxygen Concentrators Delivered to India During Pandemic


By the end of April 2021, positive COVID-19 cases and deaths in India had hit all-time highs. Suspected to be fueled by a new variant, the country experienced the world’s highest single-day total on April 29th with nearly 380,000 new infections and more than 3,600 deaths. With no signs of slowing, the surge overwhelmed hospitals and led to a shortage in oxygen.

In the face of the escalating crisis, a multi-national pharmaceutical company wanted to transport a large supply of O2 Oxygen Concentrators (portable oxygenators) to provide much-needed humanitarian aid. The devices – designed to meet oxygen patients’ high flow needs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and even waiting rooms – had to be transported from the U.S. to India over the weekend of April 30th.


To meet this critically urgent request, QuickSTAT picked up the shipment of portable oxygenators in Colorado on Friday, April 30th and was able to deliver them safely to Mumbai by Monday, May 3rd. This involved:
  • Putting a logistics plan in place immediately that mapped out the safest, most expedient routing
  • Checking that proper documentation and paperwork were in order in advance to ensure seamless, fast customs clearance
  • Ongoing communications between QuickSTAT’s and the pharmaceutical’s teams from pickup through to delivery
This last point was particularly crucial as there were several changes made throughout the course of the shipment. This included QuickSTAT stepping in to serve as a customs broker midway through the process.

  • Due to the high level of collaboration between QuickSTAT and the pharmaceutical company, the supplies delivered will have a positive impact on lives in India