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Creating a master cell bank or working cell bank can take a great deal of time, making them highly valuable and virtually irreplaceable. With a strict temperature profile, moving a cell bank can be complicated. That’s why biopharmaceutical companies around the world trust QuickSTAT to manage the global transport of their cell banks. Our seasoned experts work closely with you to develop a custom logistics plans to meet your unique needs. This includes giving you the real-time oversight you need to ensure your cell bank arrives on time and at the right temperature every time.

  • Expert temperature-controlled logistics for all temperature ranges, including cryofrozen, to maintain the temperature of each cell bank shipment throughout transit
  • Temperature monitoring, with data loggers that download and transmit temperatures in real-time – allowing for refrigerant to be replenished in transit if necessary
  • Robust chain of custody ensuring individual handling of each patient specimen and CGT, providing the highest security and product integrity
  • LN2 provision, conditioning and placement as well as return management of any LN2 dewars and LN2 components required for the transport of your cell bank
  • Pre-qualified routing and real-time GPS tracking with automated alerts to avoid potential delays
  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline, to help manage transportation costs and monitor packages with real-time information on the status of each shipment
  • Real-time GPS tracking and end-to-end optimized routing to make sure your cell bank is delivered on time
Direct-To-Patient Solutions
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Direct-To-Patient Solutions
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