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Chain of Custody & Chain of
Identity for CGT Distribution


Whether you are moving apheresis to a manufacturing facility, autologous and allogeneic cell therapies to waiting patients, or a critical gene therapy for compassionate use – QuickSTAT ensures the security and integrity of all your life science shipments are maintained from beginning to end. Our strict chain of custody and chain of identity procedures include individual tracking of unique IDs and other custom data, industry-leading quality assurance protocols and advanced temperature monitoring tools.

  • End-to-end safe transport from your facility or global clinical sites to hospitals, specialty laboratories, CMOs or other medical sites – anywhere in the world
  • Individual tracking with unique ID number and detailed information from the point of pick up through to the final delivery
  • Advanced monitoring systems that track the exact time in transit and real-time GPS tracking with automated alerts to avoid potential delays
  • Point-by-point notifications to ensure your packages and unique ID numbers are reviewed and accounted for at each milestone along the journey
  • Optimized route planning for the safest, most efficient route and modes of transportation
  • Dedicated, specially trained drivers for the fastest and safest delivery any time of the day or night
  • Ability to monitor light sensitivity providing an additional layer of security to any physical seals used to protect your critical shipments
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