Direct-from-Patient (Samples)


Adding a direct-to/from-patient (DTP/DFP) methodology to clinical trials has several benefits – including expedited patient recruitment and increased patient retention. Getting clinical trial materials to participants at home, however, is just the first step. Like any trial, the timely collection and testing of patient samples is critical. That’s why samples must be picked up from patients and delivered to central or specialty labs within a specific timeframe – often in coordination with a home health nurse collecting samples. Biological samples are also temperature sensitive and often require an understanding of dangerous goods and customs regulations expertise to ensure the proper classification, packaging and labeling. With 40 years of experience in clinical trial management – including DTP/DFP – QuickSTAT’s logistics experts will ensure the integrity of your samples is maintained from beginning to end.

  • Comprehensive regulatory support, including brokerage services, consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions
  • Expert temperature-controlled logistics for all temperature ranges from refrigerated (2-8ºC) to controlled room temperature (CRT, 15-25ºC) and beyond
  • In-transit storage (cold room) ) using GDP principles and best practices as well as ability to re-ice dry ice shipments in transit
  • Packaging, sourcing and consultation on active and passive systems, placing and retrieving monitoring devices
  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline, that provides real-time shipment monitoring and status alerts as well as tools to help manage transportation costs
  • Door-to-door optimal route and contingency planning to stay ahead of potential delays
  • Strict and transparent chain of custody to ensure all samples collected are properly labeled so they can be mapped back to the correct patient and trial once received by the lab
  • Strict adherence to patient privacy combined with a proven knowledge of HIPPA and GPDR compliance
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