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Whether being sent out for research or to be used as allografts such as skin and bone grafts, heart valves or corneal grafts – human tissue shipments will vary greatly in size, weight and temperature sensitivity. Working with key tissue processors and banks, QuickSTAT understands the challenges of delivering these life-saving and life-enhancing shipments. That's why we assess all aspects of your specific shipping needs, from the appropriate packaging and temperature requirements to optimized routing to meet your deadlines. We set up a comprehensive, detailed logistics operating procedure in advance to ensure the safety and integrity of every tissue shipment.

  • A 24/7 medical desk supported by healthcare logistics experts with the longest tenure in the industry, available around-the-clock to support your critical shipping needs
  • Full domestic and international regulatory support including consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions
  • Fast and reliable delivery to anywhere, any time of the day or night, with recommendations on the most cost-effective, expedient solutions including Next Flight Out, On-Board Courier and Air Charter
  • Complete route planning and real-time GPS tracking with automated alerts for immediate notification of potential delays
  • Temperature-controlled vehicles and long-standing relationships with airlines to protect the integrity of your shipments and provide special handling during ground and air transit
  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline, that helps you manage transportation costs and monitor packages with real-time information on the status of each shipment
  • Ongoing temperature monitoring using state-of-the-art monitoring devices and replenishment of coolant as needed

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Quick Safely Delivers
Donor Tissue During
a Major Snowstorm

Our Free Shipping Assessment will provide you with a logistics analysis and advice on best practices for shipping safely and efficiently.