QuickSTAT Opens Facility to Support Clinical Trials in Key US Biotech Hub - Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

04 Jul, 2019 Personalized Medicine

Provides 24 Hour Faster Delivery for Life Science Shipments to Worldwide Locations

New York, NY (June 27, 2019) – QuickSTAT, part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group, has announced the opening of a new GDP (Good Distribution Practices) compliant package conditioning facility that will provide a market leading Just in Time (JIT) solution to improve turn-around times of Credos and other Vacuum Insulated Packaging (VIP) used for clinical trials.

With the opening of this new facility, temperature controlled investigational medicinal product, R&D samples, and high-value commercial biologics and personalized medicine will be transported in an expedited manner, reducing placement time for the Research Triangle Park Biotech hub by up to 24 hours. Shipments will be dispatched in a JIT manner, accelerating the collection of temperature-controlled shipments and facilitating faster deliveries to locations across the globe. Additionally, the facility provides charging of can charge Liquid Nitrogen Dewars for the ever-growing cell, gene, CAR-T, and personalized medicine industry.

The 3,000 square foot facility is strategically located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, which boasts one of the United States’ highest concentration of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in North America. The facility was designed, mapped, and qualified according to GDP guidelines. QuickSTAT operates conditioning facilities throughout the world, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and cities throughout the US.

QuickSTAT’s conditioning facilities help to ensure the viability of high-risk life science shipments to geographical and logistically challenging areas worldwide. The logistics solution helps to minimize the risk of a shipment temperature excursion and ensure the viability of biological samples, personalized medicine, and investigational drugs.

Vacuum Insulated Packaging units are selected and fulfilled on a JIT basis, with same day dispatch for each customer shipment. The units are conditioned under the manufacturer’s strict standard operating procedures for the specific temperature ranges required: +2 °C to +8 °C, +15 °C to +25 °C, and -25 °C to -15 °C.

QuickSTAT’s proprietary VIP Shippers Management technology tracks reusable assets down to the component level, allowing for ring-fenced units for client specific requirements and the automatic return of empty units upon their delivery to a site. It also includes a managed inventory of returns, which have resulted in the industry's most effective return rates. Additionally, QuickSTAT's temperature monitoring technology, Cold Chain Manager, can provide real-time remaining hold times of an in-transit unit, based upon its packaging validation specifications.

“QuickSTAT is committed to providing customized solutions for our life science clients to meet the ever-challenging demands of the industry. By continuing to expand our global conditioning facility network to locations of strategic importance to the industry, QuickSTAT has been able to support the growing temperature control needs of our clients for both clinical and commercial requirements,” says, Cyril Leger, Executive Vice President QuickSTAT.

About QuickSTAT

QuickSTAT, part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group, is an expert in managing global clinical trial logistics for all phases of research and drug development, for all temperature ranges and life science products —from pre-clinical, to clinical, through to commercialization. QuickSTAT specializes in time and temperature shipping of clinical research samples, biologics, investigational drugs, clinical trial supplies, vaccines, and dangerous goods, helping to bring new drugs and medical protocols to market faster.

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