Reusable Shipper Management

Global logistics inventory program for vacuum insulated packaging

Quick Box

Sophisticated shippers inventory management
& fulfillment

End-to-end system for managing the conditioning, transport, tracking, return and inventory of Vacuum Insulated Packaging/Credo units, which provides faster turnaround time, real-time inventory and efficient use of returns.

Fastest turnaround times in the industry
and just-in-time delivery of shippers



Sophisticated VIP management technology integrates with client’s software.



Inventory management with real-time information on unit availability and temperature conditioning status.



QuickSTAT's proprietary software tracks VIP shippers in transit and monitors the actual time the package is valid from pack-out time.

End-to-end shipment monitoring
Cold Chain Manager provides critical pack-out time information to the QuickSTAT Operations Team, so they can make contingency plans or intervene, to eliminate or minimize risks and avoid any threats to the product.
VIP shipper management and inventory process

1. QuickSTAT courier is dispatched immediately after your call and arrives with a temperature conditioned shipper at your facility


2. QuickSTAT courier waits for your product to be placed inside VIP/ Credo unit with the temperature monitoring device


3. QuickSTAT courier delivers Credo/VIP unit to final destination and waits for the empty package


4. Credo/VIP unit is returned to a QuickSTAT conditioning facility to be inspected and re-conditioned


5. Unique IT platform manages the inventory, unit conditioning and returns

From regulatory and customs compliance to selection of proper packaging and optimized routings, our experts will provide you with the industry's best practices and advice tailored for your specific projects.