40+ years delivering just-in-time logistics solutions to the
healthcare and life science industry


From helping the industry’s leading pharma and biotech companies bring new personalized medicines to market, to working with hospitals and donation organizations to transport human organs, blood and tissue for transplant or research – life science companies around the world trust QuickSTAT to handle their most temperature and time-critical shipments.

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Helping the life science
and healthcare
industries change lives since 1981

Over the last 40 years, QuickSTAT has managed clinical trial and commercial logistics for drugs and medical devices in more than 150 countries. This includes today’s most promising cell and gene therapies, such as the first FDA-approved cancer vaccine and the first two CAR-T therapies. Our time-critical solutions also include the urgent transport of human organs, tissue and blood products for a range life-saving procedures.

With a dedicated medical desk, our customers know they have around-the-clock access to specially trained logistics experts. This is combined with unmatched cold chain logistics and attention to detail, which includes strict quality assurance protocols as well as proven chain of custody and chain of identity processes. The end result is that the integrity of every shipment we touch is maintained from beginning to end.

Delivering to and from anywhere in the world
even the most remote locations

With industry-leading technology and long-standing relationships across the global airline network, QuickSTAT can instantly choose the fastest and safest route for your shipments. We deliver innovative, custom solutions for all temperature ranges – from controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated and frozen to deep frozen in liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers. Plus, since our global footprint spans 190 countries, we have an in-depth understanding of local rules and customs regulations. The end result is that all your time- and temperature-sensitive shipments – from research specimens and biologics to human organs and blood products – are handled with the greatest care and strict quality protocols to ensure the integrity of every shipment and patient safety.
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QuickSTAT Becomes the
Preferred Logistics
Partner for the First
FDA Approved Cancer

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QuickSTAT Provides
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